Production of Anti-Abrasive Materials

Production of Wear Resistant Components

Thanks to the thirty-year experience gained in the pneumatic transport of abrasive materials, we have created a line of wear resistant components with alumina coating.

We use only locally produced alumina, the best available on the world market:

– high density with minimum alumina percentages of 90%

– high purity aluminum oxide

– extremely compact and hard structure

– very low porosity index, practically zero

– excellent chemical resistance to acids and oxidation

Thanks to these characteristics, the applications we make are the most resistant to wear and far exceed (5-10 times) the life of other typical solutions such as basalt or chromium steels of various hardness. For example, on a pneumatic transport of cement or sand, an elbow made by us in alumina lasts several years against the few months of the same component made of carbon steel with a thickness of 10mm.

In our modern workshop, we are able to produce both standard and specific design components or only to make the coating on the component or carpentry supplied by the customer with alumina of various sizes and thicknesses.

In particular:

– Elbows and straight pipes with alumina tiles with thickness from 2 to 20 mm

– Elbows and straight pipes with alumina rings with appropriate angles, with thickness of 10 and more mm

– Total passage diverters

– Rotary valves

– Cones

– Hoppers

– Screw conveyors

– Separators