Flow Industries 2021 – AirMace

Flow Industries 2021 – AirMace

The AirMace air cannon provides powerful, reliable and safe protection against build-ups across all the material storage and production area of your process.

This innovative system thanks to high pressure air pulses, allows to make continuous the extraction of material from a silo with three different possibilities:

  1. Use the mains air pressure (up to 8 bar).
  2. The cannon shall be integrated with a built-in accelerator by doubling the pressure of the mains air system. A Airmace accelerator cannon has the same effectiveness as 4 or more traditional air cannons.
  3. Use a dedicated compressor to reach pressures of up to 40 bar for the most extreme cases.


  • Power: highly efficient AirMace valve technology provides faster piston acceleration and accordingly very powerful air blast
  • Outstanding Performance: the unique spring-free stainless steel AirMace valve design prevents air leakages, piston blockages and minimizes the maintenance cost
  • Air Consumption: AirMace valve technology provides unprecedented air savings with the built-in spring-free piston return mechanism that interrupts the blast after approximately 60% of the volume has been discharged. This delivers the highest pressure peak and the same amount of work with savings of up to 40% of compressed air
  • Higher Pressure: the only air cannon on the market able to work at pressures from 60 to 600 psi with the same air savings
  • Air-Water Blast: the only air cannon on the market capable of combining an air blast of high pressure with a portion of water. Water drops transfer energy much better than air molecules and the AirMace technology takes advantage of this phenomenon for high temperature applications
  • Simple Maintenance: maintenance couldn’t be easier. The valve can be easily disassembled and replaced with no need to remove the tank from the vessel.

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