Rotex EN

Rotex is a global market leader in dry bulk separation with over 175 years experience delivering high efficiency/high yielding screening solutions to our customers in a wide range of applications.

A global company with strong local support.

Rotex has fully equipped materials testing laboratories at its Cincinnati, Ohio, and Runcorn, UK manufacturing facilities

– Testing laboratories assist customers in selecting the appropriate separation solution

  • 300+ tests per year
  • Analysis and tests are conducted under simulated process conditions
  • Numerous variables such as feed rate, speed of the machine, screen mesh size, capacity, accuracy of separation and material characteristics are evaluated

– Material testing services are made available at no charge

The Gyratory Reciprocating Motion gradually transitions along the length of the machine, starting off as purely gyratory motion at the head, then moving to elliptical movement in the center and reverting back to reciprocating toward the end.